Create Day/Night Toggle

The Day/Night Toggle is used as a switch that can be toggled by anyone who has access to a registered device. It is commonly used to allow system users to manually switch between “Daytime Mode” and “Nighttime Mode.”

This should not be confused with Time Conditions. While both of these relate to call flow, Day/Night Toggle is designed to be a manual switch, while a Time Condition is designed to be a scheduled, automatic switch.

The Day/Night Toggle is linked to a combination of feature code and instance number. E.g. Your first Day/Night Toggle will have instance number 0, combined with feature code *28 becomes *280. When this code is dialled, it toggles between Day mode/Success route/deactivated and Night mode/Failure route/activated.

Creating a Day/Night Toggle

Method 1

  1. Click on the Configuration tab
  2. Select the Day/Night Toggles section 
  3. Click on the Add New Day/Night Toggle button
  4. Give your Day/Night Toggle a memorable and unique label
  5. Click on the Save button
  6. Your Day/Night Toggle has now been created, you can find our it's instance number/full feature code by accessing the System Codes section found under the menu icon in the top right of the page.

You now have a Day/Night Toggle, however, this will need to be linked on your Call Flow to allow it to control your inbound calls when toggled.

Method 2

  1. Click on the Call Flow tab
  2. Click on the Edit button in the Call Flow window
  3. Drag a new Day/Night Toggle node into the Call Flow window (you can pan around the Call Flow to find an existing Day/Night Toggle for linking)
  4. Click on the Day/Night Toggle itself and then click on the edit symbol 
  5. Here you can change the label of your Day/Night Toggle and click Done
  6. Now click on the Day/Night Toggle and then click on the  symbol
  7. Drag the  symbol to the application you would like the call to route to during Day mode (this is the default mode for a newly created Toggle)
  8. Drag the  symbol to the application you would like calls to route to during Night mode 
  9. You will also need to link the inbound call to this Day/Night Toggle with the success route from a DDI directly or Announcement played after the DDI etc. 
  10. Now Save your Call Flow and test a call into your DDI confirming that it routes to the destination you expect based on the current mode. You can then Toggle from a device registered to your system using the correct feature code and retest to confirm the route has changed.