Bulk Device Provision


This feature allows a number of handsets to be auto-provisioned in bulk, making new system deployments much faster.

There are 3 steps within the process, some of which you may have already completed.

  1. Create Device Templates. More info found here.
  2. Create Users. More info found here.
  3. Import Devices.

This section will only provide instruction for Step 3. Please see the respective pages for Steps 1 and 2 prior to continuing, if you have not already done so.

Device Provision

In order to auto-provision a device, a URL input on the handset is required. This is where it will request its new configuration from. This can be found in different places on each device. Please follow the steps relevant for your device models, as available in Supported Hardware.

Once you are comfortable with the layout of each hardware model relevant to you, provisioning becomes much quicker.

  1. When logged into Byphone, click on the Menu icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select Device Provision from the dropdown. 
  3. You will need a CSV template file to be able to import your hardware details. This can be downloaded on the Device Provisioning page, by clicking the Import Devices button, and then clicking Export Devices button. This will download a list of current devices in the system and will provide a starting point.
  4. All 4 columns are required fields (Label, Mac Address, Template Name, Owner Email).
    • Label: This is the label given to a device within the system. If the device is solely used by a single user it is a good idea to include that user's name in the label i.e. 'John Smith Deskphone'
    • Mac Address: This is a unique identifier on the handset, again see the relevant section in Supported Hardware for your model of hardware if you need help finding this.
    • Template Name: This is the name you have given to your Device Template as completed in Step 1 of the Prerequisites section above.
    • Owner Email: This is the email address of the user who owns/manages this device. 
  5. Once this CSV is filled in correctly and saved, you can import it into the system via the Import/Export pop-up.
  6. Once you have imported successfully you'll see an editable recap on the screen, with the details you have added. You can amend any details that may be incorrect or Template Name/Users can be changed.
  7. Each User Identity can be used only once in this section. If multiple devices are associated with the same user, the first will receive an Identity, while the others will show without one. These must be assigned an unused Identity manually.
  8. Once happy with the details entered, click the OK button.
  9. Again confirm all settings are correct and toggle the Auto-Provide on each desired device, or Select All with an Identity/MAC at the top of this page and click the Auto-Provide button.
  10. If you are happy to proceed, click OK again. After 10 minutes, the provisioning server will be closed to these handsets. (until Auto-Provide is performed again)
  11. Finally, reboot all relevant handsets to pull down their configuration.