Create Auto-Attendant/IVR

Also known as an Auto Attendant

This application uses pre-recorded audio to direct callers to the relevant departments or users, expecting a DTMF tone input via a keypad to do so. Generally IVR systems are deployed to handle large call volumes and ease the pressure on a receptionist type user or group.

  1. First, it is a good idea to create some destination targets for your IVR. Where you want the IVR’s options to point to. Ring Groups are a good starting point, see Create Ring Groups 
  2. Within the Call Flow window while in Edit mode, having created your destinations, you can then create your IVR by dragging the Auto Attendant node into the centre of the window.
  3. Next, you can join your new IVR to your existing Ring Groups.
  4. Click on the Auto Attendant node you have just created, select the  symbol for Additional Options.
  5. You should see options for numbers 0-9 and  for failure, drag option 1 to your first Ring Group and option 2 to your second. Each number relates to a button pressed on a phone's keypad. 
  6. Now record your IVR greeting by selecting the  option on the Auto Attendant node. 
  7. You can record your message directly using the microphone on your computer, and the system will automatically upload the message or you can upload a pre-recorded audio file in MP3 format.
  8. You can record many different greetings. You then select the greeting you want and it will play that audio if the call is routed through this IVR. 
  9. Click the Done button, which will take you back to the Call Flow.
  10. Finally, click Save on the Call Flow to write the changes you have made.

Direct Dial Extension

It is now possible to directly dial an extension on the Byphone system from their IVR. This functionality requires that the system have FollowMe added to the system and that the user being dialled has their own FollowMe enabled.

Simply dial into the Telephone Number that points to the IVR, during the recording press # then the extension number of the User you require i.e. #1000 will dial extension 1000.

If FollowMe is enabled but the User is on DND, the call will be directed to that User's mailbox (if Voicemail is enabled). If Voicemail is not enabled while the User is on DND, the call will disconnect. If the User does not have FollowMe enabled or an invalid extension number is dialled, the call will be disconnected.