This section allows a user to store their own personal contacts or view the company's Global Contacts list. Only a system administrator with the correct permissions can create a Global Contact. This list of contacts makes it much easier to dial out when using the Browser Phone. When registered a user can see the list of all users on the system, as well as any global or personal contacts.

All of these contacts are pulled down as part of a deskphone's Auto-Provisioning process and will reflect in the handsets Directory simplifying the provisioning process further still, and making it easier for users to identify incoming callers as well.

Contacts can be filtered by All, Global or Personal using the Filter Dropdown at the top of the page. As well as increase the number of contacts shown on the page using the Show dropdown to 50, 100 or 250 per page.

Add a Contact

To add a single contact to your system, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top right of the screen
  2. Click on Contacts in the dropdown 
  3. You will be met with the below screen, as well as all of your existing contacts, then click on the Add Contact option 
  4. Next fill in the details of the contact you are adding including their phone numbers, addresses and any Notes you feel are relevant 
  5. It is best to add contacts in e.164 format i.e. +44XXXXXXXXXX, as caller-id on inbound calls are displayed in this format, ensuring a perfect match.
  6. Click save at the top of the page.
  7. If you have the correct access, you will also notice the Is Global Contact? option, which can be toggled to allow all users within the system the ability to see this contact and pull it down as part of the auto-provisioning process.

Edit a Contact

Once a contact has been added, you can subsequently edit by clicking on the contact within the Contacts page, you will be taken to a similar screen as when created, with the additional option of Deleting the Contact at the foot of the page. Again remember to Save once you've made the desired changes.

Delete a Contact

As per the Edit a Contact section above, this can be done by selecting the contact required and clicking the button at the bottom of the input screen. However this can now be done in a 2 step process, within the main contact list screen also.

Beneath each contact is now a button, when selected, the contact is added to a list at the top of the page. Once all required contact have been select for deletion, this can be permanently actioned by  clicking the button at the top right of this list. (Contacts can be removed from the deletion list by clicking the red icon next to the appropriate contact name.

To speed up the process when deleting many contacts in one go without having to select each contact individually, one would use the button at the top left of the screen. This adds all contacts on the current page to the list for deletion, which would then have to be confirmed again as above by clicking the button.

Import/Export Contacts

This process is similar to other Import/Export functions on the system.

  1. First click on the Import/Export Contacts option
  2. You can choose the Download Sample CSV button to retrieve a file showing the format the CSV is expected in.
  3. Complete the CSV with the details of all the contacts you would like to add to the system and save the file.
  4. On the Import/Export screen, this time select the Choose File button
  5. Find the file on your machine and load it into the system
  6. Then click on the Import button
  7. When successful you will see your new contacts in the Contacts page.

Contacts can be filtered using either or both check boxes shown, then selecting the Export Contacts button to retrieve the currently stored contacts from the system.

Handset Directories

A directory is automatically pulled into each deskphone or Yealink DECT (not applicable for Snom DECT or conference units) during auto-provisioning. Handset Directory will be overwritten during provisioning, so please ensure any locally stored contacts are added to the Byphone system.

If a device has multiple Identities assigned to it, during provisioning it will pull down the contacts of the User that the device is assigned to only. All contacts related to other users will be ignored. Any duplicate numbers will not be displayed correctly in some directories.

See Yealink Deskphone Provision , Yealink Dect Provision and Snom Deskphone Provision for information on how to auto-provision these handsets.