Helpdesk Support

If you are unable to find the answer to your query within our Documentation site, then the next step would be to raise an issue to our Helpdesk. We will cover the basics of that process here.

This can be found at

Request Types

Support requests are broken down into 5 categories, each with their own set of related issue types.

Technical Issues & Help
  1. Call flow configuration: Support on how you can structure your call flow to produce your desired outcome on Byphone. See Call Flow Basics
  2. Configuring hardware phones: Support on how to configure supported handsets. We can only provide limited information when it comes to unsupported devices. See Supported Hardware
  3. Registering devices with your service: Support on what information would be required to get a device registered using a Byphone Identity. See Manual Device Config
  4. Report call quality problems: Issues with call quality on a Byphone system after all internals have been checked. See Handset Checks
  5. Service Down: Total loss of inbound/outbound phone services.
  6. Other: Any other type of technical issue not categorised above.
Billing, Payments & Pricing
  1. Problems with payment or credit card: Support in paying for a Byphone system, if not auto-debited.
  2. Help with a quote or an order: For support in placing a new order, upgrading a service or quoting for a Byphone system.
  3. Help with a deactivated service: For issues relating to a deactivated service, be it a request to reactivate or an incorrect charge for a deactivated service.
  4. Other: Any other billing issue not relevant to the above categories.
My Account Details
  1. Update account contact information: To alter the contact details for the main account. Be aware that this can be altered on each Byphone system via the Settings section.
  2. Help with a deactivated account: For support in reactivating a deactivated account or related activities.
  3. Other: Any other account related issues not relevant to the above categories.
Number & Porting Requests
  1. Transfer a number to your service: To import a number you own to your Byphone system from another provider.
  2. Port a number to another provider: To export a number you own from your Byphone system to another provider.
  3. Order additional numbers: To order additional telephones numbers to be added to your Byphone system.
  4. Other: Any other telephone number related queries not categorised above.
Feature Requests
  1. Suggest A New Feature: Request new functionality be added to the system unrelated to any other existing features.
  2. Suggest Improvement: Tell us how we could make some of our current features even better.

Submitting an Issue

Once you have chosen the relevant category for your request, we require as much information as can be provided to effectively help with your issue.

You can either keep this request private, meaning only you will receive notifications on any updates to it's status, or share it with the rest of your organisation (if setup within the Helpdesk) to make all other users aware of the issue and able to participate if necessary.

Below outlines the workflow requests could take (except Feature Requests).


First Response

We aim to initially respond to feature requests within 3 working days, and these are considered regularly by our development team for implementation.

For all other requests we aim to respond within 1 hour during working hours. Resolution time is dependent on the request and priority. Once a ticket is picked up our 1st line will triage it to determine it has been correctly categorised and will re-categorise where necessary.


The grid below shows the categories each ticket type belongs to, the image shows the category, priority which will then determine the estimated SLA.

Issue TypeRequest Type

Report Call Quality Problems
Service Down

Problems With Payment or Credit Card

Service Request

Call Flow Configuration

Configuring Hardware Phones
Registering Devices With Your Service
Help With A Deactivated Service
General Question

Help With A Quote Or An Order

Update Account Contact Information

Help With A Deactivated Account
DDITransfer A Number To Your Service
Port A Number To Another Provider
Order Additional Numbers
Feature RequestSuggest A New Feature
Suggest Improvement