CRM Integraton Via PhoneMondo


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Phone Mondo Windows App

Phone Mondo


xTelsio TAPI Driver Download

Xtelsio TAPI for Snom

Xtelsio TAPI Driver Install Video/step by step guide

Xtelsio TAPI for Snom Setup Video

  • Clicking the link provided will download the xTelsio TAPI driver for Snom

  • Once downloaded, extract all

  • Now run the setup application in the extracted directory

  • Click More info and Run anyway

  • Confirm administrator permissions, accept T&Cs and click next through to the end of the install

  • Once completed, you should see a configuration window

  • Click the Configure button

  • Enter the IP of the Snom handset and change http to https

  • Tick the Authentication box

  • Enter the username (default: admin)

  • Enter the password (default is the handset’s MAC address

  • Confirm test says OK

  • Choose the Snom model at the bottom

  • On Actions URL tab click Configure Firewall button

  • Then click the Start button next to the State Inactive box

  • Click Open Test-URL in browser to confirm web server is working on the machine

  • Click OK

  • Then OK again and close the window

Phone Mondo Install video/step by step guide

Phone Mondo Install Video

  • Go to Phone Mondo site and login with credentials supplied.

  • Go to Addons tab

  • Click Install now under the Windows app at the top of the page

  • Once downloaded, run the .exe file

  • Click yes when asked for permission

  • Once installed, the Phone Mondo icon will show in the system tray

  • On the Phone Mondo site, go to the Settings tab, and click devices

  • This should show the name of the machine you have just installed on

  • Next under the Settings tab, click Lines

  • This should show the TAPI driver name you have just installed on your machine

  • On an inbound call, you should now receive a notification on your machine and in the browser with the caller-id of the calling number

  • While logged into Salesforce, the record matching that number should automatically open (if the number does not match any record, there will be no change in Salesforce)

  • Within Salesforce, you should also see the Phone Mondo widget in the bottom left of the browser, this allows a call to be made via one of the created lines


Phone Mondo Demo:

Phone Mondo Demo Video