System Settings

When built, a system will have a number of default parameters which will be covered below. Some of these may require change based on your preferences or own environment.

To access System Settings, click on the Menu icon in the top right corner while logged into the Byphone portal as an Administrator user (as shown below).

Below shows the settings you should see on this page.

Organisation Name

This is the name the system will be known as internally and is set when the system is initially built. It is unlikely that this would need to change unless the business were to change it’s name for billing purposes.


First Name

As expected, this would be the first name of the initial user (Admin role, ext 1000) setup on the system.


Last Name

Again as expected, this is the surname of the user as mentioned above.



This defaults to the email address the system is setup with initially, and becomes the email address used for the Admin user on the system also. This address is also used for system alerts such as Top Up Credit balance going below threshold.



The address the system is setup with and should relate to the main address of the business.


Parking Hold Time

The duration a parked call will remain on hold before being retured to the Parker if not otherwise retrieved by another user.


Country Code

The primary country location of the business (defaults to UK). This setting will affect how outbound calls are made on the system, allowing calls to be dialled nationally (beginning 01, 02, 03 etc.) rather than internationally each time (beginning 0044 or 00353 etc.).