Softphone (Desktop - Windows) User Guide

Making a Call

Once you have downloaded and logged into the Byphone Softphone you can start using it straight away to make and recieve calls.

There are a few different ways that you can make calls

1. You can either free type the number into the dial pad:

  1. You can select one of your contacts from your contact list or use the quick dial function:


  1. Or you can use the click to dial function in your browser and opening via Byphone

Call Transfer

When on a call there are 2 ways that you can transfer

  1. Attended transfer allows you to speak to the person you are transfering the call to before sending the call over. When on a call select the Attend option at the bottom of the window.

Dial the extension or telephone number or select from your quick dial list the person you wish to transfer the call to:


When the person picks up the call you are then given the option to Transfer or merge the 2 calls:

  1. Blind Transfer allows you to transfer a call directly to another user or telphone number without speaking to the person beforehand, this time you would select the blind option and dial the extension or number you wish to blind transfer to, this will the send the call to the user or number you have selected:


Using Presence

Through the Desktop softphone you can subscribe to presence for any users on the system that you want to have visibilty of by enabling a BLF for them.

To do this you simply navigate to your conacts list on the left hand side of the app:

You then right click on the user that you wish to view presence for and choose the edit option, you can then toggle the BLF key on to see presence for this user:

You will then see a green band above the user name on your contact list to indicate that they are on a call:

Local Call Recording

With the Byphone Desktop softphone you have the abillity to record calls that are made or recieved through the Softphone without having Call recording enabled on the Byphone system.

This will however only record calls that are made or recived via the softphone and they are only accessible through that users softphone app and will not show up on the Byphone portal:

To enable the call recording function simply click the settings option on the left hand side and select the call recording option:


From here you can then toggle on the call recording function and set how long these should be retained for. You can also set a warning beep so that the person you are speaking with knows the call is being recorded:

Calls that have been made or received through the Softphone and recorded, will then show under your recents

You can choose to play the call directly from here or you can download it as an audio file.

Do Not Disturb

You can place the softphone on do not disturb mode using the moon icon at the bottom left of the app:

This will only affect calls coming through on the Desktop softphone, you will still be able to take calls on your Desk phone or mobile app.