Standard User Guide

The system allows you to personalise how your phone and other devices ring. It enables you to use your own private phones as part of your office phone system. Your main decision is how you want people to contact you. You can decide whether your deskphone, mobile and a computer based phone all ring at the same time or in a sequence that you can vary as often as you like.

For information on your specific model of handset, see Handset Guides

The pages below show you how to set up each of these personalised settings.

Desk phone settings

To adequately control your calls from your phone, you need to ensure that you have the right model of phone (sufficient function keys) and that it is programmed as you require. You can discuss this with your administrator or visit the device setting page on the Wiki.

Other Devices/Identities

The system allows you to use lots of devices that are managed under a single user profile. Using this, you could screen calls after work hours, or use a variety of identities to always stay connected.

Ring groups

Its worth noting that it is only your nominated identities that join a ring group, not you as a user or your extension number. This means that your desk phone could be part of a ring group in the office, but all your other devices could be independent of the ring group.