Snom D71X

Snom D710 / D712 / D715

Keys in Detail

Use the toggle key to browse through the display. 
On the home screen: 
Up: Settings 
Left: Received Calls 
Right: Missed Calls

Confirms an action, selection or entry

Cancels an action, selection or entry

Mutes the microphone during a call

Adjusts the receiver volume or the ring tone volume

Hands-free mode (answering possible)

Headset mode

Access voicemail
Basic Calling Functions
If you want to…Then…To finish the call
Call with the handsetLift the handset, compose the no. then press “Confirm key”Hang up the handset
Call on hands free modePress “Speaker”, compose the no. and press “Confirm key”Press “Speaker” or “Cancel”
Redial the last called numberPress “Confirm key” and then press “Confirm key” againHang up the handset
Answer on hands free modePress “Speaker”Press “Speaker” or “Cancel”
Adjust the speaker or handset volumePress Volume key
Intercept a call to a user your subscribed toPress the flashing function key/BLF
Putting a call on holdPress “Hold” on soft keys
Taking back a call on holdPress “Retrieve” on soft keys
Deny a callPress “Cancel”
(De)Activate the microphonePress “Mute”
Accessing the phone directory

Press “Dir” on soft keys. All names will appear alphabetically.

Hold and resume

When a call is in progress, pressing the “Hold” soft key puts the call on hold, i.e. neither party can hear the other. Pressing “Retrieve” will resume the call. 
The hold key can be located on the LCD display when a call is in progress. The soft keys below the display control these functions. 
While a call is on hold, you can establish another call by dialling the desired number.

Blind Transfer

During a call, press the “Xfer” key, located on the LCD screen, to put the connected party on hold, and then dial the number to which the call is to be directly transferred. As soon as you press “Confirm key”, the Snom will transfer the held party to that number.

Attended Transfer

During a call in progress, put the connected party on hold by pressing the “Hold” key. 
While the call is on hold, you can establish a second call by dialling the desired number and pressing “Confirm key”. When the second call is established, you can consult the second party, e.g., to announce the call. 
You can connect the two parties by pressing the “Xfer” key.

Do Not Disturb – DND

If you are going on holidays or need to work quietly you may want to activate the DND function. This stops your extension from receiving any calls. If you are in a ring group others will receive the calls. 
Callers that dial to your extension directly will hear your voicemail. 
To enable the DND function dial *78, you will hear a message confirming the function has been activated. 
To remove dial *79. You will hear a message confirming the function has been deactivated. Your extension will receive calls as normal.

Extension Call Forwarding

The recommended way to forward calls from your extension to a desired target number is by using the Follow Me application. See Follow Me

Extension Voicemail

Follow the below instructions to access your extension voicemail.