General Device Configuration Info

In this section we will cover the most common settings to setup your equipment using Byphone device credentials. This will most likely be because you are using a brand or model that is not currently within our list of supported devices.

The details you will require which are specific to the device you are trying to configure are:

  1. Identity Username (Also used as Authentication Username)
    • Found in Users tab
    • Click the intended User the equipment will be for
    • Find the Identities section and chose an existing or create a new Identity
    • Under SIP Settings you will find the Username for this device e.g. main_error_86_53
  2. Identity Password
    • In the same section as the Identity username as above
    • You must click the Show Password button to reveal the password
  3. Extension Number
    • This is found in the Basic User Information section within the User settings e.g. 1009
  4. Organisation ID
    • This ID is the number found after the last underscore in the device username
    • e.g. Device Username main_error_86_53 has Organisation ID 53

Extension number and Organisation ID combine to make up mailbox number when configuring the device. i.e. Extension 1009 and Organisation ID 53 combine in the format 1009_53 to provide the mailbox number for your deskphone.

Other details are generic across devices and may have slight variations in naming conventions.

  • Outbound Proxy:
  • Registration Expiry of 600 seconds (10 minutes)
  • STUN and ICE are generally not required though are dependant on your network
  • SIP port 5060 (UDP, TCP) or 5061 (TLS)
  • Media Port Range 10000-40000 (UDP)
  • Primary POP Registrar IP
  • Secondary POP Registrar IP
  • Tertiary POP Registrar IP

Other configuration options are hardware specific or a matter of user preference.

Below are a few extras titbits of info to help towards some specific brands of softphone.

 Zoiper Configuration

Here are some screenshots of configuration of Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone which should aid in manual setup alongside the information above.

Zoiper Support 

 Linphone Configuration

Here are screenshot of the configuration of Linphone Softphone using the details about for manual configuration.

Note: On initial configuration, the automatically sets the Proxy field to (the domain/registrar), this is incorrect and should be amended as per image#5.

Linphone Home