Accessing Your Voicemail

Use the Feature code *97 on a registered device (that is a phone with an Identity that is part of the system)

When dialling *97, you will be greeted by a message “Password…“ enter your mailbox password (the default is your extension number but we recommend that you change this after initial setup). You will have 3 possible attempts to enter this password before the call is terminated. You will then hear “Welcome to Mailbox…“ when successfully entered. When accessing for the first time you will be guided through a setup process.

New messages will be played automatically or you can follow the Voicemail Menu options in the table below.

Voicemail Menu

Menu OptionMenu DescriptionSub-Menu OptionSub-menu Description
2To change folders0New Messages
1Old Messages
2Work Messages
3Family Messages
4Friends Messages
3For Advanced Options*Return to the Main Menu
0For Mailbox Options1To record Unavailable Greeting
2To record Busy Greeting
3To record Name
4To record Temporary Greeting
5To change password
#Return to the Main Menu

Note the pound key is also referred to as a hash key #.



On initial setup, *97 followed by the password will take you into the voicemail menu as outlined above. You will be prompted into recording your name, and two messages. The first is an unavailable message and the second is a busy message. While your password is still the default, you will always be taken into this setup process when accessing your mailbox. We recommend changing this for convenience and security purposes.

You can also follow the Voicemail Menu options in the table above here to re-record your greetings at anytime.


You can set a new password through the Byphone Portal, or directly on the set-up call.

In the initial setup using *97 followed by the mailbox password, Password Change will be the fourth message on the set-up call.

Alternatively, you can change the mailbox password on the Web portal.

  1. In the User tab, ensure the toggle in Voicemail section is enabled.
  2. Select the downward arrow icon to show the Voicemail settings.
  3. Select the Change Voicemail Pin button. 
  4. Enter your new password. Twice. 
  5. Save the setting update.
  6. Once you dial into the system you will be prompted to enter the new password again. This is an additional security measure.
Voicemail to email
  • To receive notification only via email that you have a new voicemail, toggle the first of the three toggle options under Mailbox Settings.
  • To send you the audio file of the voicemail message left as well, toggle the first two options under Mailbox Settings.
  • To prevent your mailbox from filling to it's maximum (100 New Messages) toggle the Auto-Delete option so that you do not have to manually delete each one when full. You will still have a copy of the voicemail message as a sound file in your email inbox if you have enabled the first two.
  • The email notification will go to the email address that you have saved as your user email.