Follow Me

This allows a user to create their own ring group under their extension number. They can program a series of Identities including any device with an external phone number to ring in a sequence that they decide.

  1. Go to the user’s tab, select the Follow Mes toggle and click the downward arrow just beside it to show Follow Me settings. 
  2. Click on the Add Follow Me option to include an Identity in your Follow Me. This will either be a device that is registered on the phone system using an Identity (enter Identity name in the Select Identity field) or it will be an external phone number. 
  3. The drop-down list will show you a selection of Identities that can be registered on the system, select the one/ones relevant to you.
  4. You can then input how long you would like before it rings this Identity if you are using the Hunt Memory ring strategy (this is explained in more detail on the Create Ring Groups page. Set zero seconds if you would like it to ring immediately. If you are not using Hunt Memory, then this setting is not relevant right now.
  5. To add an external device, toggle the External option.
  6. You can add as many Identities/Devices as you like. They will ring based on your Ring Strategy and the sequence that you set.
  7. The ring sequence can be seen in the panels. If you are using the Hunt strategy then only the # numbers are relevant to you now. If you are using Hunt Memory, then only the seconds delays are relevant. If you are using Ring All then the sequence and delays are ignored and all devices will together.
  8. In this example the first device rings immediately, the mobile kicks in 15 seconds after the first starts ringing when Hunt Memory is set. If that is changed to Hunt, then the #1 device will ring first for the total ring time, if not answered in that time it will stop ringing and the #2 device will ring for the same duration. 
  9. The confirmation button prompts you when receiving a call to hit number 1 button on your device to accept the call, or 2 to decline. The call will not progress unless 1 is pressed. This is a way of stopping mobile voicemails from interfering with the ring strategy. In other words it will ignore a voicemail on a mobile if this toggle is activated.
  10. Before saving, confirm all Follow Me settings are correct.

Follow Me Settings

Follow Me settings can be accessed by clicking on the downward arrow icon in the Follow Mes section. The settings in the below table can then be configured. We use this same combination of settings in our Ring Groups. If a Follow Me is not answered within the time duration set, it will fail over to user voicemail if enabled, or terminate the call if voicemail is not enabled.

Setting NamePossible ValueDescription
Ring StrategyRing AllThis setting dials all members of the group at the same time. This does not take ring delay into account.
HuntThis setting will dial each member of the ring group, for the duration set in Total Ring Time, in the sequence/order defined. Again Ring Delay is not taken into account.
Hunt MemoryThis setting is the only strategy to take ring delay into account. When used, the ring group will dial each member in relation to that ring delay, using 0 as it's baseline for all other delays.
Total Ring TimeNumerical ValueThis setting defines how long the ring group should ring for overall (except when Hunt strategy is used, then becomes ring time for each member). This is chosen in the drop-down menu between 0-60 seconds.
Record CallsYesThis settings means that any calls that enter this ring group will be recorded if answered within it.
NoThis settings means that any calls that enter this ring group will not be recorded if answered within it.
Don't CareThis setting means that any calls that enter this ring group will not be recorded by default, unless expressly set in an earlier application e.g. another ring group or DDI that is directed to this group has record calls set to yes.
Add IdentityInternal IdentityThis allows you to add a user's Identities to your ring group, all user's Identities within the system are searchable by Identity name (not user name).
External NumberThis allows you to dial numbers outside of your Byphone system i.e. Mobile Numbers, physical landline numbers and is indistinguishable to the caller in terms of the ringing sound they hear.
Call ConfirmationOffThis setting is toggled on each group member and means that when the receiving device answers, the caller will be connected with them straight away.
OnThis setting requires the receiving device to have 1 pressed to accept the call or 2 to decline, thereby avoiding a mobile voicemail from answering the call automatically, or allowing screening of work calls when answered on a mobile to differentiate from personal calls.
Ring DelayNumerical ValueThis setting on each group member in conjunction with the Hunt Memory strategy, waits for the designated time after the ring group has been triggered before ringing the specified device. This must be shorter than the Total Ring Time.