Group Voicemail

Phone User Interface

Feature code *98 can be used to access group mailboxes. You will require the mailbox number and pin for authorised access. This can be used for setup/maintenance of the group mailbox i.e. change the voicemail greeting that callers hear before leaving a message, changing the mailbox pin, as well as retrieving voicemail.

Voicemail Menu

Menu OptionMenu DescriptionSub-Menu OptionSub-menu Description
2To change folders0New Messages
1Old Messages
2Work Messages
3Family Messages
4Friends Messages
3For Advanced Options*Return to the Main Menu
0For Mailbox Options1To record Unavailable Greeting
2To record Busy Greeting
3To record Name
4To record Temporary Greeting
5To change password
#Return to the Main Menu

Byphone Portal

There are two methods to manage Group Voicemail on the Byphone system. Both are outlined below.

Method 1

This method is more useful for managing existing Group Voicemail instances rather than creating new ones. New Group Voicemail instances must be linked on the Call Flow to allow inbound calls to route to them.

  1. Go to the Configuration Tab and select Voicemail 
  2. You can change the label of the voicemail, which can be useful to differentiate if you operate a lot of group mail.
  3. You also use this page to define an email address that you would like to receive your voicemail as emails. Don’t forget to toggle whether you just want email notification or you would like to receive the voicemail as a sound file. 
  4. It is normally a good idea to Auto-Delete voicemail that you receive via email as you will have a copy of this sound file in your email inbox. This means you do not have to worry about the mailbox filling up and cleaning it out regularly by deleting messages one by one.
  5. Finally, remember to save any changes you make.
  6. To retrieve the voicemail simply dial *98 and then enter the mailbox number you want the mail for along with the relevant mailbox pin code. The default password is the same as the mailbox number. We recommend you change it with the Change Voicemail Pin button to something more secure