Deactivating / Reactivating Users

We understand that sometimes a user will leave the business and their access will need to be revoked, or their user license reused for their replacement. Deactivating a user is quite simple though you must have the relevant permissions to be able to do so.

Deactivate User

  1. Click on the Users tab
  2. Select the User you would like to deactivate
  3. Scroll down in their profile window and you will see a Deactivate User section
  4. Click on the Deactivate User button
  5. You will be asked are your sure, click on the Delete button
  6. Once deactivated, the user will be removed from the list of users, their relevant sections tidied away and their extension number will be freed up for another user

Reactivate User

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top right of the Byphone portal
  2. Select the Reactivate Users option
  3. Click on the tile of the User you would like to Reactivate
  4. You will again be asked to confirm you want to Reactivate
  5. Click on the Reactivate button
  6. The user should now be reinstated with the first available extension number and the same credentials they had previously