Softphone Guide

Byphone Application

(Available on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS)

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The system will support a lot of different kinds of devices, desk phones, soft phones (computer phones), mobiles, browser phones. However, the easiest initial install is to set up a soft phone on your mobile (Android or iOS). It will configure automatically and will allow you to test if the core functionality is working properly. Ensure the byphone application is installed from your preferred app store before proceeding.

There are two methods of provisioning currently which will be covered individually below

Quick Setup

Byphone user logins can be used on initial screen of the app once installed and permissions granted. This method will use the primary identity for that user (oldest identity created) and store those SIP credentials.

  1. Enter your standard byphone username, followed by @BYPHONE, into the username field, and password for that account into the password field as below:
  2. Hit Sign in and you will be authenticated, the app provisioned with standard settings and your primary identity credentials.

You can now make and receive calls via the app. Push notifications are used by default for inbound calls to reduce battery usage and improve usability on iOS devices.

Specific Identity Setup

If you wish to provision a specific identity to the softphone which is not your primary identity, this method can be used.

  1. Login to within your use Account, expand the Identities section and select or create an identity as required.
  2. Once created, the Identity settings will become available when selected, and will show the following buttons at the bottom of the pop-up modal.
  3. Show QR Code will present the QR code on-screen and allow it to be scanned from the app. (Requires QR code to be loaded on a different device other than the mobile being provisioned.)
  4. Save and E-mail QR Code will send an email, containing the QR code image, to the email address stored for the User who owns the Identity that was selected.

Once scanned, the app will automatically provision your SIP credentials for you.

Setup Notes

Currently we recommend the use of Voicemail2Email for mailbox notifications while we continue to work on Message Waiting Indicator functionality.

User presence can be added by creating a Quick Dial contact on the app, setting the Number or SIP address field to the following format: UserExtensionNumber_OrganisationID i.e. 1000_123

Ensure the OrganisationID is correct for your own organisation. Toggle the Busy Lamp Field option, save and you will have visibility of whether that user is on a call or not.

 Zoiper Legacy Option

Outstanding issues with iPhone on Three and EE mobile networks

Setting up Softphone on Mobile

Ensure the Zoiper application is installed from your preferred app store before proceeding.

  1. On your Byphone system, go into your user settings and create a new device.
  2. Give it a Friendly label so that it can be easily recognised later.
  3. Chose an Identity within the Search Identities box to associate with this device.
  4. Scroll down and toggle on the Enable Zoiper option.
  5. Press the Save and Activate Auto-Provisioning button, now you should be presented with a QR code.
  6. Open the Zoiper App on your mobile and select Login with a QR code (Android) or select the QR icon in the top left (iOS).

  7. Scan the QR code on screen using your mobile.
  8. Your device should now be registered and ready to make calls.