Browser Phone

A Phone in your Browser

To turn your browser into a phone that is attached to your user name in the system, you need to create an Identity and then associate that Identity to your Byphone login in the browser using the following steps.

  1. Add an Identity on the system under your name. Each user is allowed two Identities by default. If you already have two Identities your administrator can purchase additional Identities
  2. Enable a new softphone channel. By selecting the menu button on the top right hand side, then selecting Soft phones. That should bring up the following dialogue box. 
  3. Click on the add phone button
  4. Click on the orange disc to edit this new phone that you have created. You now need to associate it with an Identity. 
  5. Type in the name of the Identity that you want to associate with this soft-phone. 
  6. You need to check that the phone icon has turned green indicating that it is live, and that the call symbol has appeared in the navigation menu on the left hand side. See the highlight in the picture. This indicates that the phone is live, and associated with the user. When and how it rings is governed by the way the user has set up the device in their follow me settings. 
  7. Once you are happy that it is all set up you need to save the new phone setting with the save button underneath the menu button. 

Relevant Ports Information

Signaling: 443
Discovery: 3478 is the default port for communicating with STUN/TURN servers but some might be configured to listen to 19305/19307 (Google’s STUN), 5349 (TLS), 80 or 443.
P2P Connection: You’ll be sending data to a random port in the 0-65535 range opened by your peer’s device/router during discovery.