Byphone Chrome Extension

Here we will cover how to install the Chrome Extension “Byphone Number Linkify” which allows a user to initiate a call via their Chrome browser, to any number found within a web page. The extension can be found on the Chrome Web Store via the following link Byphone Number Linkify.

A user must be logged in to their Byphone account to be able to make calls using this extension.



Click the Add to Chrome button in the top right of the page to install the extension in your browser.


Once installed you can access the below settings options by clicking on the Byphone logo in your extensions bar.

As you can see there are 4 configurable options within the extension.

  1. Auto Scan For Numbers - When enabled this option will automatically scan any web pages you visit for telephone numbers. When found you will see a translucent Byphone logo next to the number which can be clicked to dial the number it relates to. When there are multiple numbers in close proximity, they are grouped under a single logo and the number you would prefer can be chosen from the list as below. The majority of telephone numbers will be picked up by this scan, for any numbers not automatically detected, the next option covers those eventualities.
  2. Enable Right-Click To Dial - Enabling this option allows a user to highlight a body of text on a web page, right-click on that highlighted text, and choose the Click to Dial option. This shows a screen similar to the previous one, allowing any numbers to be chosen.
  3. Default Country - This option aids the system in dialling numbers you detect in the correct format for you own region for example in the UK where +44 or 0044 should prefix the number, but may not in many occasions.
  4. Extended Search - Used in conjunction with the Auto Scan option, this setting make the scan much more sensitive and will detect many more numbers, that would not otherwise have been detected by the normal scan alone.

Byphone Portal

As mentioned previously, a user must be logged in with their Byphone account in order to utilise this extension.

If not logged in, and a number chosen to dial, the user will be prompted to login and the number dialled once they have done so.


When a user is already logged in and chooses to dial a number using this Click to Dial extension, they will be directed to the Byphone dashboard and prompted to chose their method of dialling as per Click to Dial. This allows a user to make the call via their Extension/Follow Me or via their Browser phone if it is registered. This will initiate a call to the option they have chosen. Once the users answers on their preferred device, the system will then attempt to connect them to their desired destination. This facilitates a user to quickly find and dial numbers relevant to them, possibly in a CRM system, while still keeping a record of the call on the Byphone system within Call History/Reports and also a call recording on the system if already setup for the user. Another potential benefit could be for users who may make a lot of calls from their personal mobile in the course of their Business duties. If that mobile is included within a user's Follow Me, the user can answer on the mobile and have the call initiated to their desired destination also, again using their business CLI and keeping their personal mobile number private.