Call Pickup

There are a number of different methods to pick up a ringing call within the Byphone system. Many of which depend on the hardware you are using. We'll briefly cover the options here, but anything hardware-specific we'll cover in the provisioning guides for relevant models.


BLF keys set on a device when Auto-Provisioning a handset allows a user to pick up calls ringing on the target they are subscribed to. A BLF can subscribe to either a User's extension number or a Ring Group number. When calls are ringing on either the User or Ring Group, depending on Brand and Model, that ringing call can be picked up using the flashing BLF key or the pickup option on the screen.

Feature Code

Calls on the same system can also be picked up using a feature code. If you know the User's extension number or Ring Group number that a call is ringing on, you can prefix it with *8 to pick up that ringing call.

For example, a Receptionist is on lunch (Ring Group 600). You can hear the handset ringing but know that the call will not be picked up. Instead of waiting for the ring time to complete as dictated by the settings in the call flow, you can dial *8600 and pull that ringing call to your registered handset, thereby improving your customer's experience.

General Call Pickup

This type of pickup has some permissions related to it, which must be set via the Byphone site, to restrict a user to only pick up calls they are allowed to. Each User and Ring Group has these pickup permissions within their relevant settings pages under User Pickup Permissions or Group Pickup Permissions.

By clicking Add Pickup User, you can search for and allow a user to pick up calls for that particular Ring Group or User. Once the User has been added to the list of Pickup Permissions, when a call is then ringing on the appropriate Ring group or User's FollowMe, the newly added user can pick up that call by dialling *8 from their own registered handset (this can also be added as a speed dial key during auto-provisioning to make it once touch pickup). This pulls that ringing call to their handset, allowing them to then speak to the caller.