Call Parking

Call Parking allows a user to put a call on hold at one telephone handset, then continue the conversation from any other telephone handset. This feature is activated using transfer functionality and pressing a pre-programmed button (see Snom Provisioning) labelled Call Park, or by using the feature code 700. This transfers the current telephone conversation to an unused “Parking Slot” number and plays hold music to the caller. The Parking Slot number can then be dialled from another handset to retrieve the parked call. Any system with Call Parking enabled is allocated 9 Parking Slots (701-709), each slot can also be configured as BLF on a Deskphone to show when that slot is in use. Parked calls will always be placed on the lowest numbered Parking Slot.

If you have bespoke Music on Hold already set on a particular DDI, any inbound calls that come in via that same DDI and are subsequently parked. This maintains the bespoke Music on Hold setting.

Parking Timeout

By default, if the call is not picked up on another handset with 45 seconds, it will redial the extension number of the user who parked the call. The call be be re-parked as many times as necessary, but this timeout ensures that the caller is not forgotten about and left in a Parking Slot indefinitely.

This timeout can be customised in the Organisation settings as per (add screenshot).