Music On Hold

Music on Hold is a very simple application, but it can be very useful when dealing with the public. Sometimes your users could be dealing with an already angry customer, and putting them on hold to go and find more information, or someone else they may need to speak to, won't help, Nor will cheesy music that may just further grind their gears. Maybe you could use it as a marketing tool to better advise customer of new products or offers you may have.

Whatever your use case, this page will take you through how to set it up on your Byphone system.

File properties: MP3, 16000Hz, Mono

  1. First, go to the Configuration tab in the navigation bar on the left.
  2. Then click on the Music on Hold section 
  3. The system already has a series of default Music on Hold sound files that will play, but here you can create some custom options
  4. Click on the Add New Music On Hold button
  5. Give your new selection of music a label
  6. Choose from one of the 3 playback order options (described in further detail later) 
  7. Now click on Add Audio File
  8. You can record an audio file through your browser, if you wish, or upload a pre-recorded file in MP3 format. 
  9. Select the file or series of files you would like to use with the Select button
  10. Then click on the Save button
  11. This will have created your new Music on Hold class but it needs to be attached to a DDI to be able to be used
  12. In the Configuration tab, click on the Telephone Numbers section
  13. Choose the phone number you'd like to associate your new Music on Hold with
  14. And select from the dropdown below Pick The Music On Hold Class For This Telephone Number.
  15. Again, Save your changes, then try it out
  16. Make a call into your DDI, answer on one of your devices and place the call on hold.

In terms of configuration options, there are very little in this section, in order to keep it very simple. The playback order is the only thing left to cover. Below each is outlined:

Playback OrderDescription
AlphabeticThis plays the audio files you have chosen in your custom Music on Hold class in alphabetical order, so the name you give each one will be important here
RandomThis plays all of your audio files in a random order, meaning callers don't have to listen to the same 60 seconds of audio every time they are put on hold.
Random StartThis setting picks a random audio file to start with, then plays from there onward in alphabetical order.