Create Announcement

An Announcement is an audio file played to an Inbound caller to relay some information to them. Some examples are to state that calls may be recorded for training/monitoring/legal purposes before a call is answered, or to play a reassurance message between Ring Groups to state that users are currently busy and thanking the caller for their patience etc. Whatever the reason, the setup is the same, and there are again two methods to create an Announcement.

Creating an Announcement

Method 1

  1. Click on the Configuration tab
  2. Select the Announcements section 
  3. Click on the Add New Announcement button
  4. Give your Announcement a memorable and unique label
  5. Then click on the Add Audio File option 
  6. Here you can record an audio file through your browser or upload a pre-recorded one to the system, instead of using the Record New button or Upload New button respectively
  7. Once uploaded, click on the Select button for the audio file you would like to be played
  8. Then click on the Save button

Your Announcement has now been created, however, must be linked on the Call Flow to be used on an inbound call

Method 2

  1. Click on the Call Flow tab
  2. Click on the Edit button in the Call Flow window
  3. Drag a new Announcement node into the Call Flow window (you can pan around the Call Flow to find an existing Announcement for linking)
  4. Click on the Announcement itself and then click on the edit symbol 
  5. Follow steps 4-7 in the previous method to add your label and audio file
  6. Now click on the Done button
  7. You will be returned to your Call Flow where you can link the Announcement from a DDI etc. see DDIs for more info 
  8. Once linked as you would like, click on the Save button to apply all changes to your Call Flow

You can now test an Inbound call to the DDI pointing to your Announcement to confirm that it now plays.