Create Time Conditions

A Time Condition defines a set of rules based on a series of time blocks. A time condition can have two call destinations, one if the time of the call matches a time block assigned (the success route), and another if there is no match (the failure route). Time Conditions most often used to determine how the system routes calls during normal opening hours as opposed to when the business is closed.

Creating a Time Condition

A Time Condition can be created in the Configuration tab, however, this will only allow it's creation and configuration of the time blocks, therefore this method is better utilised for general maintenance once you are happy with your Call Flow. To be able to link a Time Condition to other applications, this must be done on the Call Flow itself. We will cover both methods below.

Method 1

  1. Click on the Configuration tab
  2. Select the Time Conditions section
  3. Click on the Add New Time Condition button
  4. Give your Time Condition a memorable and unique label (commonly Holidays, or Working Hours etc.) 
  5. Click on Add Condition to create a block of time
  6. Fill in your desired Start and End Time, Day, Date and Month using the drop-downs provided 
  7. Then click on the Add button
  8. You can add as many time blocks as you would like meaning you don't have to try to define everything in a single block
  9. Once you are happy, click on the Save button

You now have a Time Condition, however, this will need to be linked on your Call Flow to allow it to control your inbound calls.

Method 2

  1. Click on the Call Flow tab
  2. Click on the Edit button in the Call Flow window
  3. Drag a new Time Condition node into the Call Flow window (you can pan around the Call Flow to find an existing Time Condition for linking)
  4. Click on the Time Condition itself and then click on the edit symbol 
  5. Here you can define your time blocks in the same way as the previous method (steps 5-9)
  6. Once the time blocks are saved again click on the Time Condition and then click on the  symbol
  7. Drag the  symbol to the application you would like the call to route to when it matches the times you have just defined.
  8. Drag the  symbol to the application you would like calls to route to when outside of these times 
  9. You will also need to link the inbound call to this Time Condition with the success route from a DDI directly or Announcement played after the DDI etc. 
  10. Now Save your Call Flow and test a call into your DDI confirming that it routes to the destination you expect based on the current time, day etc.