Presence Panel

The Presence Panel gives users a view on the availability of other users on the system. The only current prerequisite to be able to use the Presence Panel is the need to have a Browser Phone registered on the Byphone Portal. See Browser Phone for more information on how to set that up. Once the Browser Phone is registered, this provides the browser with the functionality to subscribe to other Users.

You can manage the Users you'd like to subscribe to using the Manage Subscriptions button, toggling each user next to their name, and then pressing the Subscribe button. You can subscribe to the state of up to 64 other Users on the system, showing when those Users devices are currently available (green), ringing (amber) or on a call (red). Click-to-dial functionality is also available here, by clicking on the phone icon next to the User you would like to dial and choosing your Extension or Browser Phone as the method. See Click2Dial for more information on this feature and the functionality of each method.