Supported Hardware

IP Deskphone

The below table of IP deskphones can all be auto-provisioned from the Byphone portal. See:

BrandModelUse CaseLinkSIP IdentitiesEthernet / SwitchProgrammable KeysExpansion ModuleUSBIntegrated BluetoothEnd of SaleEnd Of Life
SnomD120Entry Level HandsetSnom D12022×10/100 Mbps2nonono

D140Entry Level HandsetSnom D14022×10/100 Mbps2nonono

D305Entry Level HandsetSnom D30542×10/100 Mbps5nononoyesyes
D315Basic Bulk DeploymentSnom D31542x Gigabit5yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

D335Mid Level OfficeSnom D335122x Gigabit32yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

D345Mid Level Office / Reception HandsetSnom D345122x Gigabit12yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)noyes
D375Executive Level HandsetSnom D375122x Gigabit12yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)yesyes
D385Executive Level HandsetSnom D385122x Gigabit48yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)

D712Entry Level HandsetSnom D71242×10/100 Mbps5nononoyes
D713Entry Level HandsetSnom D71362 x Gigabit4nonono

D715Basic Bulk DeploymentSnom D71542 x Gigabit5yesyes(USB 2.0)no

D717Entry Level HandsetSnom D71762 x Gigabit3yesyes(USB 2.0)no

D725Mid Level Office / Reception HandsetSnom D725122 x Gigabit18yesyes(USB 2.0)noyes
D735Mid Level OfficeSnom D735122 x Gigabit32yesyes(USB 2.0)no

D745Mid Level Office / Reception HandsetSnom D745122 x Gigabit12 (self-labelling)yesyes(USB 2.0)noyesyes
D765Executive Level HandsetSnom D765122 x Gigabit16yesyes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)yesyes
D785Executive Level HandsetSnom D785122 x Gigabit24yesyes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)

D862Entry Level HandsetSnom D86282 x Gigabit28yesyes(USB 2.0)no

D865Mid Level OfficeSnom D865122 x Gigabit36yesyes(USB 2.0)yes(BT5.0)

YealinkT19PEntry Level HandsetYealink T19P1

2×10/100 Mbps

T23GEntry Level HandsetYealink T23G32 x Gigabit3nononoyesyes
T31GEntry Level HandsetYealink T31G22 x Gigabit2nonono

T33GBasic Bulk DeploymentYealink T33G42 x Gigabit12nonono

T34WBasic Bulk DeploymentYealink T34W42 x Gigabit4yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

T41SEntry Level HandsetYealink T41S62×10/100 Mbps6nonono
T42UEntry Level HandsetYealink T42U122 x Gigabit15yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

T43UMid Level Office / Reception HandsetYealink T43U212 x Gigabit21yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

T46SMid Level Office / Reception HandsetYealink T46S162 x Gigabit27yes - up to 6yes(USB 2.0)no
T48UExecutive Level HandsetYealink T48U162 x Gigabit29yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no

T53Mid Level OfficeYealink T5382 x Gigabit21yesyes(USB 2.0)no

T54WMid Level OfficeYealink T54W162 x Gigabit27yesyes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)

T55AMid Level OfficeYealink T55A52 x Gigabit5noyes(USB 2.0)no
T56AExecutive Level HandsetYealink T56A162 x Gigabit27yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)yes(BT4.0)
T58AExecutive Level HandsetYealink T58A162 x Gigabit27yes - up to 3yes(USB 2.0)no
PolycomVVX200Entry Level HandsetPolycom VVX20022×10/100 Mbps2nonono

VVX300Basic Bulk DeploymentPolycom VVX30062×10/100 Mbps6yes - up to 3nono

VVX400Mid Level Office / Reception HandsetPolycom VVX40012

2×10/100 Mbps

12yes - up to 3nono

Dect Solution

The below table of IP Dect can all be auto-provisioned from the Byphone portal. See Snom Dect Provision and Yealink Dect Provision.

BrandBase ModelHandset ModelsUse CaseLinkSIP IdentitiesPOEMax Concurrent CallsIndoor RangeOutdoor RangeEnd Of Life
SnomM900M25 / M65 / M85 / M70 / M80 / M90Large DeploymentSnom M90030Yes10Up to 50MUp to 300M
M700M25 / M65 / M85Large DeploymentSnom M70030POE Only8Up to 50MUp to 300Myes
M500M55 / M58Entry Level DectSnom M50048Yes16Up to 50MUp to 300M
M400M25 / M30 / M65 / M70 / M80 / M85 / M90Entry Level DectSnom M40020Yes10Up to 50MUp to 300M
M200 SCM15Entry Level DectSnom M200 SC6Yes4Up to 50M-
M100 SCEM10 SCEntry Level DectM100 SCE8Yes6Up to 50M-
YealinkW52PW52H / W56HEntry Level DectYealink W52P5Yes4Up to 50MUp to 300Myes
W60BW52H / W56HEntry Level DectYealink W60B8Yes8Up to 50MUp to 300Myes
W70BW73H, W76H, W59R, CP935WEntry Level DectYealink W70B10Yes20Up to 50MUp to 300M

Conference Solution

The below table of IP Conference devices can be auto-provisioned from the Byphone portal. See Snom Conference Provision.

BrandModelUse CaseLinkSIP IdentitiesPOEDetachable MicBluetooth
SnomC520 - WiMiMeeting RoomSnom C520 - WiMi3POE OnlyYes (x2)Yes(BT4.0)

Analogue Adapter

The below table of ATA devices can be auto-provisioned from the Byphone portal.

FanvilGA10Fanvil - GA101No
CiscoATA191Cisco - ATA 1912No


Other devices must be configured manually. See Manual Device Config for more information.